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Smart Phone Repair

Smartphones are no longer considered a luxury but a necessity, and the expense of buying one of these devices is high. However, these devices are vulnerable to accidental damage, ranging from screen cracking to hardware problems. 

Repair Genie has years of experience fixing phones and has the necessary equipment and technology to fix your smartphones, so you don’t have to go longer without your favorite device. The phone repair includes :

Battery and Charging Port Replacement 

The charging port can become clogged with dirt and debris, preventing a complete connection between the charger and the phone. At this point, your port requires to be fixed or replaced.

Ear and Loud Speaker Replacement

 Your speaker’s grill on your phone is constantly exposed to the outside world and all of its debris. These particles can harm your speakers.

LCD replacement and screen repair: 

You can extend your phone’s life by    several months with a screen repair (or even years, in some cases). Get your LCD repaired, and continue using it!

Computer Repair

Computer repair, software upgrade, windows reinstallation, software setup, and services. Wifi password, anti-virus configuration, drivers, upgrade and product keys, and LCD screen repair.

Tablet Repair

If a broken iPad or tablet screen or a none functioning battery is causing you to lose sleep, don’t worry. We get that. Our trained technicians can quickly fix all kinds of tablets and iPad issues, including broken charging ports or accidental liquid damage. 

All makes and models are welcome when you come by our store for a pro tablet or iPad repair, whether you are a big Apple fan or prefer google and Samsung products. So come by Repair Genie in Toronto for a free diagnostic today.

It doesn’t matter if your iPad is a first Gen or seventh-gen; Repair Genie in Toronto is here to restore your busted gear. We provide iPad screen replacements, broken button solutions, and other solutions for Apple iPad daily. Usually, our repairs are completed not only on the same day- but within only an hour or two! So schedule an appointment for an iPad or tablet repair at our location today, and we will get you back to snapping selfies and checking out the web again in record time.

Computer Data Recovery

At Repair Genie, we offer risk-free data recovery services for all types of devices, including laptops, desktops, external hard drives, and more. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to recover your data quickly and efficiently. Whether your device has suffered from physical damage, logical failure, or a virus attack, we have the expertise to get your data back. With our no-data, no-fee guarantee, you can trust us to deliver results.

Same-Day Service

Why take your computer to a computer store? A Repair Genie Repair Technician can come to you and repair it for you.

The day you call will be the day you'll get served.

For your convenience, some offer pickup and drop off services. Some technicians may also collect and recycle old equipment (In the EU, this is required under WEEE rules).